Covid-19 RT-PCR testing cost dropped to Dh50 across UAE, Students get FREE testing in Abu Dhabi


The cost of Covid-19 PCR tests across the UAE has been slashed to Dh50, the authorities announced on Monday.



Till date, the cost of taking the nasal swab test varied depending on which emirate one would get the test. While in Abu Dhabi the cost of getting a PCR test was fixed at Dh65 in March this year, hospitals, drive-thru centres and clinics in Dubai were charging Dh135 for tests that give results in 24 hours and Dh150 for fast-track options. In the Northern Emirates, the price of the test was hovering around Dh100.

Starting today, however, the Dh50 rate will apply and the Ministry of Health and Prevention will be monitoring compliance at health establishments.


Back to school in Abu Dhabi: Free Covid-19 PCR tests for students till Sept 30


With daily Covid-19 cases steadily going down, authorities in the UAE have relaxed some safety rules and increased operating capacities of most public spaces. At the same time, vaccination and routine PCR tests have been made mandatory in some places and key sectors.

For employees who are required to get screened regularly, a more affordable RT-PCR test comes as a relief.

One Dubai resident who regularly takes the test to travel to Abu Dhabi for work, said: “This is a great move as I would literally travel to the Northern Emirates every other week just to get a cheaper PCR test done. My travel time had almost doubled this way as I would go to Ajman or Sharjah to take the test, and then go to Abu Dhabi for work. At least now, I can get the test done near my residence at a much cheaper rate.”

Another resident who has an upcoming surgery next week, said he was asked to get a negative RT-PCR test before the operation. So he had been scanning the Internet for the cheapest option. “I have to shell out a big amount for my surgery and on top of it I am required to get a RT-PCR test done. I am so glad the government has standardized and dropped the RT-PCR test rates and now I can simply get the test done from anywhere,” he added.


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